Angry 15 Year Olds For Bush
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  Oh and last thing for today is that George Bush has a television commercial because he wants to let people know he is still awesome and so they can see the television with him on it and be reminded how he is so awesome and how he kicks ass. Today I saw the commercial on the news and it says "some people are attacking george bush now for attacking the terrorists." It kicks ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 I am glad that he is going on tv and saying this because it will scare the terrorists and the librels from trying to take the country over. Harold Deen and Sgt Clark are always on Tv saying how they want to take back the country and it is important that Bush is on the TV to know that he will fight them becuz terrorist hate freedom and librels hate america so we cant let the librels take over america anymore becuz of how much they love terrorists and hate george bush just because he killed osama bin laden and saddam hussein. To me that makes him a hero because he has stopped all the terrorism in the world. It is a good television commercial because it tells the truth to america. George Bush is a good politisian because of how he always tells the truth and always kicks ass and everyone who is against george bush is a liar.

  Today I want 2 write also about how George Bush is awesome for not taking crap from stupid environementalysts. George Bush listens and they say that a fish is more important than a monkey is and how monkets even should not be allowed to have aids to make sure humans do not. I think that is stupid to say no. George Bush is awesome because he does not listen to them he listens to the people. When he has a problem about how to make power he asks the people who run the power plant. They are people like you and me who run the power company and not librels like bill clinton would ask who want everyone to have abortion and gay sex. George Bush does not ask librels he asks real American. When he wants to know how to run the environment he asks the people who work in the companys who make money and are the ones who make pollition and they tell him what to do so they can stop making pollution and he makes sure he does it. When the people do not have jobs he makes sure he tells the companys to put the jobs in the newspaper and fire the lazy people so the people who work hard can have jobs instead of lazy people. That is one more thing that george bush is awesome. He kicks ass over in other countrues but he makes sure he talks to real americans about how to do the things here right.  
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  My soshal study teacher gave me an F 2day on a paper 4 his class. He says it is all wrong and bad informashon but he is reely just a stupid librel who is mad becuz I love america and he wants 2 teech all the kids that he is better than america is because he is so smart. We had 2 write a paper on our favorite hero from the revolushonary war and here is my paper says:

George Bush and the Revolushonary War
by Chris (i cant say my last name on the internet becuz of my dad has internet rules)

George Bush is a hero because he fought the revolushonary war to save america from osama bin laden and from iraqi librels and saddam husane. He flew on an airplane and told the army that the war was finished and since then the terrorism has stopped because we killed osama bin laden and saddam hussein. Now only korea and france and german are enemy terrorists and they have sent librels here to trick poor people and africans into hating america.

George Bush is a hero because the people love him all over the world and do whatever wes ay becayus swe have such big armey except in some countrues like france and german and england and europe. Even china is our friend and we send them lots of jobs now that they are not terrorist anymore. When the people of america said Bush can run the armey they made a good desizon because he is a good leader and a true hero for america. He has taken over iraqi and made it a state and also took over taliban and gave it away because it did not have oil for america. Now america has all oil it can want for free but we pay for it to give bush more money for his company because he should be rich for killing osama bin laden and sadam hussein. Sometime Al Franklin says stupid things or so does someone named harvey deen and sargent clark. They are librels and librels as I said before are german and natzi and want 2 force there opinion on everyone even tho there opinion are bad like having sex b4 married and letting the peeple blow up the world trade center and pentagon and also being gay. The big revolushonary war happened after saddam huissein and osama bin laden flew an airplane into the world trade center because of librels and then escaped to iraqi and taliban. Thank god George Bush is American and not iraqi becuz he saved are country from being blowin up by nucleer weapons osama bin laden hid in the sand near the united nations.

That is my report on the revolushonary war. To summerize it I would say that George Bush is a hero for winning the revolushonary war and he is better than clinton who was stupid and had sex all the time in the president.

The End.

I think bill oriley is right because he says that the schools try to make people into librels and that is what my teacher does I think. when you r at war with america you come into the school and tell them lies and they beleeve it and become the new army like in iraqi when osama bin laden told the schools that america was bad. But I will be a good american and I will not change my mind about what I know is rite about the war and about america and george bush no matter what he says. Then when I am 18 I can vote for him 2 b president and maybe he will come and kick my teachers ass because that is what george bush is awesome for.

  At lunch thursday I saw a kid in front of me not have 2 pay 4 lunch so I said to him why don't u have 2 pay 4 lunch and he said he has free lunch. My dad says I pay more more for lunches so he can eat free and he should do chores around the house like I do. I get a 20 a week for washing the dishes in the dishwasher every night and that is why I can buy extra ice cream at lunch time. I should not have 2 buy him lunch if he is 2 lazy 2 work. I told the boy who gets the lunch free. He says his mom will not let him have chores becuz she is 2 poor but i think that he is lazy. He can find something 2 do if he wants to make money for lunch besides to be a stupid librel. His mom should have got married to a man if she can't work and that is why her son is stupid librel and lazy is because she is a poor. Poor people are so stupid and can't find jobs in the newspaper so they want everything 4 free.

I wished George Bush would be there because he knows it is good to tell people they are lazy so they want to work hard instead of keep being lazy. Librels want to let everyone stay in bed and eat all the food for free instead of fight usama bin laden. People have 2 get out of bed instead of watch tv all day so Bush would kick there ass until he found a chore to do for there mom and then he would kick there moms ass for having him without having a man to take care of the house and the money which is a sin because she has sex without marrage. Too bad the librels told u it is ok becuz it is not and god knows it and so does the presdent and his armed forses.

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  Now that iraq is a new state of america when can we get a new flag? I have an idea for the new flag when the stars are not stars anymore but tiny pictures of george bush because he is the one who saved this country when he killed osama bin laden and saddam hussein.

  I want to talk now about how George Bush was the hero in the 911. When the 911 happened the whole world waz all about how America was so awesome because they knew that George Bush was in charge of america. Now the whole world luvs us cuz we fought and killed osama and saddam in iraqi and now are gonna get al franklin. Sometimes now the whole world hates france and germany because they are like the terrorists only they speak english instead of Taliban.

But all the countries like russia and canada and africa and europe and japan like us only france and korea and german do not that is why bush says they are the "access of evil." But it is important 2 know that the people of these countries are not bad only there leaders are. NOT! The people are bad too for protesting George Bush kicking ass when he does it because they hate america. but the rest of the world worships us and George Bush. That means that the whole world worships me because I am in america too like George Bush is. Sometimes on the street I see some librel passing out the john deen posters and I say how george bush will kick his ass because they are librels and only want everyone to have sex instead of safe america from the terrorists. I am happy becuz I know if George Bush was there he would say "You are awesome chris!" and give me a high five and fly on the plane he is in that has like a whole house inside even a big screen tv. That is awesome.

Sometimes on the tv the librels say "why do u think the countries hate america" before bill oriley tells them to shut up before bush kicks thier ass. he is good because he wants them to shut up to save america but I would kick there ass on the tv right in front of everyone until they loved america. That is what bush did with the terrorists and that is why we won the war against osama in iraqi. But the people ask why do u think america is hated by the librels over in the middle east and I tell them it is becuz we are number one and they are not so they want to beat us. Some kids are losers at sports and so they try to gang up and make fun of the kids who are good at it. that is exactle what the terrorists do. they are so jealous of how awesome george bush is and how his army can kick the most ass in the world and so they want to have a fight to prove they are tough and test thier army. That is why overseas librels hate america even though we give them tons of money and now iraqi is gonna have a lot of stores like saddam and osama would not let them and they can wave american flags like they could not before because of them.

  Okat dudez I want 2 talk 4 1 second about how Bush was a hero in the war. I bet he flew planes and dropped bombs and even lands in the jungle and kicks some ass of the people they fight because that's why he is in charge of the army and the air force and the marines and the navy and the tank bregade. You can't do that unless you r the best hero in the world that is why so many people were made about bill clinton. Bill clinton got librel s3x in the presidents chair and dishonored it like all librels do like jimmy carter. That is why no one likes librels anymore because they hate god by having librel s3x.

George Bush does not becuz he is a hero #1 in the world. All Bush does is fly to the army on the sea and tell them how good a job they are at following his orders to kick ass. All of the army was on an air craft boat in the ocran and he said "mission accomplished" because we killed osama bin laden and saddam hussein in iraqi. Now I hope we got to kick some ass of the people here who were making fun of bush when he was in iraq fighting with the army like Al Franklin who writes stupid books about how the news is lyars and how rush limbo is lyars. He is probly having librel s3x and disrespecting god while bush is out dodge the bullets and kicking ass. Now Bush is back after he caught osama and sadam and now you are next alan franklin so look out b4 Bush kicks your ass!!!!!1

  Guyz today is the day George Bush is back in the country to kick some more ass in our country after he went and kicked the ass of the protasters over in England becuz tony blair is all cool even though he's from england and talks stupid. Bush probly went over there to tell him how 2 talk right because they are stupid and bush totally kicks ass. Stupid librels talk stupid too and try to say Bush is not awsum because they are 2 stupid 2 know how awsum kickin ass is and how importent is for AmeriKa. I wish Bush could be presdent 4-eva and his wife is hot and his twin daughters too. I want to walk up to them and be all like "i kick ass like your dad lets DO IT" even though sex is wrong (only librels have sex b4 marriage cuz they hate god and Bush and America.

Todays report: Bush is still awesum for kickin ass still.  
  Dudez this iz my new BLOG all about how Bush is awesome for kickin ass. Prez Bush is totally awesome for kicking ass. Anyone who is astupid is all afraid of bush because he wants to stop 911 from happening again. These guys should be lined up and kicked in the ass and bush can do it because he is president and he can kick ass, but he is so awesome he is waiting to kick the ass of the other guys first b4 kickin the ass of the librels who we send our troops over seas to protext0r thier stupid opinionz.

George Bush is gonna kick some total ass! 
Dude Bush Is Totally f$%%in' AWESUM. He is totally all about kicking ass and kicking ass is AWESUM.

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