Angry 15 Year Olds For Bush
الاثنين، حزيران ٢٨، ٢٠٠٤
  So my dad and I went to see Michael Moron's movie "Fairenhight 9/11" today wearing signs that said "Michael Moore is a Big Fat Idiot" and "Librals = Osama". Whenever they showed George W Bush we cheered really loud to let them know that we still love America by support the president.

The people in the movie hissed at us and told us to shut up but that is just like libruls always trying to censor patriatism and making sure that no one can tell there point of view. During the end of the movie where Michael Moron is talking about his big stupid point we started to sing "God Bless America" so no one could here it, it was really funny and it ruined the movie for everyone so now they will have to pay to see it again. That will really show Michael Moron.

But here is my summary of the movie: 1. George Bush went to Vietnam and fought with another guy who runs a business that knows Saudi Arabia and that is where osama bin laden is from so then Bush is friends with Bin Laden. Then he lies about how Osama Bin Laden was flown out of this country after 9/11 when everyone knows that he SNUCK OUT OF THE COUNTRY after he parachuited out of the 9/11 plane with Saddam Hussane. They snuck out threw Canadian bordar because Canada is all white libral terrorists who would not even help us fight saddam hussane and osama bin laden.

Michale Moron left all of that out. Then he was so stupid he put in the shot of when George Bush went to the aircraft carrier after flying the plane that blew up Osama. Michael Moron really is a MORON because when Bush said "Mission Accomplished" that was THE END OF THE WAR ON TERROR and now we are just trying to kill off the rest of the librals in Iraq and the United Nations.

Too bad Michale Moron didnot include footage of France!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Okay so then there is a lady who had a son die in Iraq and that was sad but like the other lady said George Bush didnot kill him George Bush SAVED HIS LIFE by fighting Terrorism. That is something that no people undaestand is that when a soldjer dies in a country fighting terrorists he is saving his own life from getting killed by terrorists IN THIS COUNTRY. In other words what if we sent none of those 800 people to get killed capturing osama in Iraq and disarming the nucleer missiles? Then they would still be alive here but only to just get killed by the terrorists with the nucleer bomb!!!!

Librals are so stupid. Luckily they took out the part where Moron says to kill the president and the part that says Hitler and Bush are the same guy. I would have been so mad.

Oh and also they have a big thing where they show Bush in the classroom in Texas and how he doesn't do anything after 9/11 happened. Well I have news for Michael Moron, NEW YORK AND TEXAS ARE IN DIFFERENT STATES SO THEY HAVE DIFFERENT TIME ZONES. So when the attack happened in new york they show Bush and show the time as if it were at the same time that the plane hit that he sat there and didn't do anything. But you know what what if he did just sit there, Michael Moron tries to imagine what Bush was thinking and I bet I know, he was sitting real cool and calm cuz he knew that after he got out of the classroom he was going to do some serious ass kickin. And boy did he ever!!!!!

Also all the dead people you could tell were totally fake.

Anyway that it is, in conclusion Michael Moron is a stupid and George W Bush kicks total ass STILL.

George Bush Number 1 in December!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111 
السبت، حزيران ١٩، ٢٠٠٤
  So now it looks like bill clinton will be as famous as marilyn manson for writeng a new book that is all about sex like pornography is. Wel I have found one way to show bill clinton that he cannot get any money from writing about his sex, and that is that I am spending my allowance for the next three weeks to buy his book and to burn it on fire. Some librals will say "don't burn books that is bad" but all I have to say is so is burning flag of America and you do that all the time. What is more important a book or a flag? Obveously a flag is because it stands for the nation that writs the books. Sometimes I don't mind berning flags tho becuz AMERICA is the #1 country but also allows Bill Clinton to write books about sex.

So anyway do you like my idea? Everyone should buy his book then set it on fire that way he will not get read. Also Michael Moron has a new movie, Farenhite 9/11 which tells AMERICANS to set fire to the white house and to try to kill george bush. I don't think that is funny michel moron, that is in fact really stupid and immature. While Mike Moron is telling us to blow up the world trade center all over again like he did in Bowling for Columbine there are real people who actually fought and captured osama bin laden and took him to prison where he was tortured. All Michal More can do is make a movie about it and telling people to do what Osama Bin Larden already did. What a dumb ass! I never saw the movies but I heard about them through Bill O'Riley and my dad.

Meanwhile everyone there was terror in Saudi Arabia where a man was beheaded by animal terrorists. I saw Sean Hannity on tv with a guy who said we should negotiate with terrorists and it was real good. "What do we do, do we say Please Please Mr Terrorist Who Hates America, Please give us what we want? What do you say to someone who cuts off a persons head and says glory to god? Please, Mr Terrorist, do what we want?" That was so good because it is exactly what I would have said. Sometimes I wonder who kicks more ass, if it is Bill Oriley or Sean Hannity, and the answer is it doesn;t matter because George W Bush is like if you crossed Bill Oriley with Sean Hannity, then tied snakes to the ends of his arms and cross bred him with a rabies bear. Then you would have maybe the full power of George W Bush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111 
الخميس، حزيران ١٧، ٢٠٠٤
  Ronald Regan is dead this week. I was born after ronald regan was the president but I know that he did a lot of things for the country but something that is important to know is that he didnot do as much for american as george W bush has except maybe for giving his father a job.

Ronald Regan killed all of the communists with the cold war which was called that way because it was fought by star wars as well as in siberia which is real cold. The soldiers killed lots of people in communism russian but they all fled and because they were white they came to america and became librals. SO regan did not do as much to save america as George W Bush did, because if regan did better then there would nit have been Bill Clintons sex obsest communist rule for 8 years or even Jimmy Carter.

They are talking about putting Regan on the ten dolarr bill which is okay but why not George Bush when Groege Bush was the guy who made it safe to be an american?  
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  Okay now I have turned on the commentz so if ur reading this u can comment now 2 becuz they r on now.

GW still kicks ass!!!

Dude Bush Is Totally f$%%in' AWESUM. He is totally all about kicking ass and kicking ass is AWESUM.

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