Angry 15 Year Olds For Bush
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  everyone is all mad at George W Bush because he has troops over in Iraqi that are torturing the people but all I have to say is that this is the same stuff that saddam was doing but there is a big difference because he was doing it to people who hate his government and we are fdoing it to people who hate *our* government if you cant see diferens then U R 2 stoopd. Nsometimes it takesa a while to change things in a democtacry look at us took us 8 years to get rid of clinton and he had SEX IN THE WHIETE HOUSE!!!! That is what makes me so mad what is the problem because now if you live in iraqi and you don't want to get tortured you can hold elections and vote for new guyz to come in who maybe won't torture you meanwhile we were stuck with bill clinton for president for over 8 years my dad says "if those guys want to be tortured give them bill clinton for president!" and then we all laughed really hard because it is so true that if you really want to know what torture was you should try to be a good american in a country where bill clinton was having sex all the time haha I would take being torn apart by a dog over that anyday

everyone looks at the torture of the prisonerz in iraqi and they see that there are now mor eterroists shooting are soldiers in the faloojah and then they act like it is all bad but something they forget is that BILL CLINTON HAD SEX IN THE WGHITE HOUSE!!! HELLLOOO!!!!

When you are mad at george bush and think clinton might be better remember that he did these things:

1. George Bush has killed all the terrists except the ones that live in france and cuba and the united nations. The white terrists that are called libruls are still here but that is only because with white people it is harder 2 tell the good from the bad and only some of them have french aksents

2. George Bush had turkey with the soldiers BILL CLINTON HAD PREMARTAL SEX

3. George Bush caught Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein after they flew planes into the trade center and pentecost and BILL CLINTON HAD LIBRUL SEX

4. George Bush doesn't listen to crap about how there are no jobs he knows that you just go out and look for one so why should he pay people the money to sit home and be lazy? Bill Clinton did that

4. george bush killed a ton of people who were either terrists or maybe would be terrists someday if they didnot get killed, but now we don'ot have 2 worry becawz they R all dead sooooooooooooooo:: we are a lot safer!!! Bill CLINTON did not kill all of them what he did was way worse and he got impeeched which he deserved because he was HAVING SEX

5. George Bush knew irawq has the weapons of mass destruction that could hit new york again _+ now that saddam is gone no one is going to be able to hurt any american city ever again BILL CLINTON HJAD SEX

6. Bush was on the tv and said how he never makes any mistakes meantime Bill CLinton came on the tv and apologised for his msitake of having the sex but guess what bill clinton just because you are sorry doent;st mean tyou didn't do it but if you are not sorry it means you did not do anything wrong SO YOU ARE BUSTED BILL CLINTON

In conklushuin, If torture and war and stuff was "soooo bad" like the libruls say then why did not Bush get impeecghed>? It is becuz everyone knowz bush is american hero and Clinton is not. Having sex in the white house is a sin and it hurts our nationz image around the world so you get fired bill clinton if I was donalt trump I would say it like he does YOUR FIRE!. But when Bush is defndin country of Americas form terrists and librals everyone knows there is no sin there and everyone in the world loves him so much that no one gets the impeech when they do that

Dude Bush Is Totally f$%%in' AWESUM. He is totally all about kicking ass and kicking ass is AWESUM.

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