Angry 15 Year Olds For Bush
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  Oh yeah so I totally saw an ad that talks about how John Kerry is a total LIRE about serving on a boat in the Vetnam what is funny is how it that he was saying about he was a war hero for so long and no one even called him that they all said he was true hero but now it turns out that he never even was in vetnam!!!! What a LIRE!

I am so excited about the Republican Nashinal Convenshun at the end of this month did you see the Democrat Terrorist convention? It was a confrense of fat white libral terrists and there was some from middle east too they kept showing on the tv all the time!!! And no one arrested any of them I guess the police up in libral terrorchusetts were 2 busy haveing gay sex and hating freedom HAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHAHA they hate freedom so much in that state it is crazy

The Republican convenshun is going to be so great I am going to get to see all of my favorite republicans I hope that Rick Santorum is there!!!! and trent lot too. Trent Lott called John Kerry something awesum the other day he said "John Kerry is a french speaking socialist from masachusets" that was SOOOOO AWESUM OH MY GOD.

Anyway more stuff when it happens stay posted to my blog for all the new informatuion about what a lire the librals is. Oh I almost forget to talk about on the bus I took to the boys club I was behind a guy who was wearing a Kerry Edwards tee shirt so I just kept saying "GEEDUBYAGEEDUBYAGEEDUBYAGEEDUBYAGEEDUBYA" over and over again for the WHOLE BUS RIDE for like fiften minuts/, he was so annoyed because democrats can't handle the truth or freedom of espresion they just want to shove there idears down everyones throte and not listen to any1 elses so I shoed him!!! 
Dude Bush Is Totally f$%%in' AWESUM. He is totally all about kicking ass and kicking ass is AWESUM.

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