Angry 15 Year Olds For Bush
الثلاثاء، تشرين الأول 12، 2004
  Oh wowz!!!!!!!!!! Did you see the debatz0r Bush held his own even thou Kerry is a Harvard educated librul lawyer. My best part is when Bush catches Kerry in a lie and says "Want some wood?!" Yes we want some wood to slap John Kerry in teh face with it!!!

It is 2 bad that Kerry is smarter but that does not mean that he is smart about everything. George Bush doesn't need smarts to know the rigth thing from the wrong thing here is all he needs to know:

killing terrorist and crimanals is good, killing unborn baby is not. Jesus is alsum and Mohammad is not. lower the tax so no one gets the money from the government anymore is good, raise the tax to give big tvs to welfare lady is not. If Bush could let my dad keep his money like Bush wants him to instead of paying for the libral school teachers salary then I could be homeschooled by my dad but now he can't afford it because he lost his job and now has to work two of them because librals raised all the taxes on the company he workt for so they have no more money anymor. They raised the tax on the company to %150 of its earnings which is TWICE AS MUCH MONEYS AS IT MAKES so they layed off the night crew and now it gets made in india where theRE ARE NO TAXES. Librals are so stupid and the money when directly to build the highway and the school. Librals shold just send teh tac dollarz 2 india if that is what they want. I knw that the mayor and the governor and the senators are both republican but I think the one congress person is libral and he scrwed it up for the rest of us, that is what my dad said.

But thanks to george bush's economy my dad has TWO jobs now which is cool because I get all the free mcdonalds I want. I can't wait to see him tomorrow when he is home before I go to school. I have not seen him in three days!!!

I can't wait to see the last debate I bet Bush does at least as good as Kerry on that one, the problum is how kerry lies about things, what Bush says might not sound so alsum but he is honest and spoeks from the heart unlike kerry who speaks from his french. 
Dude Bush Is Totally f$%%in' AWESUM. He is totally all about kicking ass and kicking ass is AWESUM.

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