Angry 15 Year Olds For Bush
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  Okay now I have turned on the commentz so if ur reading this u can comment now 2 becuz they r on now.

GW still kicks ass!!!

Yeahhh..George is the mannnn..he's not like the Kerry who has lotof moeny froma forigen liberal wife...George had to work hard for his money...his grandfather enevn worked hard selling old cars to the Japs in the other war 30years ago.and George has a lot of feinds that are smart money makers like Dike Chney how gets over a million dollers a year from some company that is helping in Iraq with soccar balls and garbage trucks and and peanut butter sandwichs...these guy are smart..we need to keep Geroge in the wite house..becaue if Kerry got in he will take are taxes andhelp lazy people who don't work hard like Dike and Georges grandfather...and 1 more thing George is even going to give money the the good chritians people to help the lazy people get off drugs and get jobs and all the people have to do is say a pray..George
said God is on his side becasue he knows god when he was little he was a Epispalion..then he moved to Texas and met his wief and got even closer to God and became a Methodist..the afetr he acted like BILL CLINTON ..he got closer to god and was that is a american god lover...
Thank you Chris, for making my day! Keep up the good work...
You poor mis-guided child. Stop listening to your TV and your Born Again Christian Parents and find out what's really going on. Ask yourself a few questions..
A) why was the Bin Laden family escorted out of the country immediatly after 9/11 when all flights were grounded and against the FBI's wishes?
B) why was George W. smoking cigars just days after 9/11 at the White House with the Saudi Prince?
C) why has the so called "patriot act" been used thus far to prosecute only american citizens for non terror related activities?
D) why was the Bush Administration planning to attack Iraq NINE MONTHS BEFORE 9/11??
E) why when my brothers in arms were getting killed in an illegal war did that nut yell "Bring it On!" and cause the daily death rate for American soldiers to skyrocket?
E) why when testifying before Congress Bush has to bring along his big brother Cheney to in Bush's own words "keep his story straight"???
F) why when i could go on all day like this with lies put forth by this administration do people like you turn your head and just not want to hear the truth?

I am a true Patriot. I believe in my country and my Constitution, upon the freedoms which it was founded on.
All of which are steadfastly being erased by the "new third reich" currently holed up in Wasshington DC.

PS-- those innocent people in foreign lands that we're slaughtering have family members, friends and sympethizers which grow up to be terrorists. Each day we make a new Osama bin Laden.
Um, yea GW is great... just personally i dont think so. what was that whole thing about sex earlier on. he had sex. so what? loads people do, its just cos hes the president it was so bad. GW went AGAINST the UN in the war against Iraq and now other countries like spain are getting terrorised. and look at the number of deaths were caused over something that wasnt even there - WMD. did they find any? no. yes he's done lots for the country but i dont personally think he "kicks ass".
oh and to the other comments user: saying people who cant get off drugs are Lazy??!!! they made a bad choice and now they can't stop cos there addicted.
"Epispalion..then he moved to Texas and met his wief and got even closer to God and became a Methodist..the afetr he acted like BILL CLINTON ..he got closer to god and was bornagain.."
What does this all mean. he moved to texaas and got closer to God, God is omnipresent and omnipotent. it dont matter where u live, or what faith u are,God is the same just in a different form. people belive different things but a lot of peole believe in a common God and just because they call him a different name it dont mean he is different..
I am extremely disturbed by the complete and willful ignorance displayed in some of these comments. If this war with Iraq is based on our need to abolish "weapons of mass destruction", why aren't we waging war with North Korea? North Korea clearly harbors weapons of mass destruction, and the good ol' US of A is not bombing them! This disgusting war is fueled by a need for control over oil, and this is one of the more obvious and "in your face", reasons. Stop to think about the more subtle reasons for this war. I am pleading with you younger people; Educate yourself, do not depend soley on this filtered media for information. Yes I am a liberal, but I am also a christian. George W. Bush, the entire Bush administration, and this war are immoral and unethical!Please get informed!
This is so sad that you are a 15 year old that is listening to propaganda and not able to think for yourself. Wake up and look around before you are lying on a bloody battlefield in 3 years. As for Bill Clinton, he had intercessor's at the Whitehouse also. He is Christian also. King David was considered by God to be the greatest King of all times. He was an adulterer. Thank the good Lord that he also has followers that actually read the Bible and know that God used sinners (we are all sinners) thru out the Bible. If you saw Pres. Bush's response to an Irish Reporter yesterday, it says it all. He can't handle the truth himself. If you are a Christian, may God speak to your heart and open your eyes.
Who has been brainwashing you kids? Bush is a liar !
You know, it really doesnt surprise me that you're a supporter of Bush. In my opinion Bush is an under educated, dim witted excuse for a president. But the fact that you're praising bush as if he is the all powerful leader himself disgusts me. You're not a very bright one yourself. I suggest that you go back to elementary school and learn to spell the simple words, maybe then can you move on to actual grammar. Bush is a liar, a cheat, and a downright idiot. And for a 15 year old as yourself to be praising him without knowing the actual facts behind his lies just proves to me that you are just a stupid as him.
Heh, well, GW is the man, that part is for sure. As far as terrorism goes, we need to make it clear that they need to surrender or they are going to die. Not a hard concept, do what we want, or we'll kill you. It's worked for thousands of years in human history, and terrorism is a disease of humanity, it must be dealt with before it deals with us.
This is why 15 year olds don't vote. :P
Clinton will be known through history for his cigars. Bush will be long remembered for destroying americas economy but thats what people get when they vote a druggie into office. There is not one politician worth voting for. Perhaps someday they will change the vote to where people might vote against the greater evil. This would surely give the smaller parties a better chance.
Heck, it would be interesting to see if any republican or democrat had a positive vote number if this was allowed. At the very least, it would lessen the negative campaigning that has become so prevelant in america.
This is a joke, right? not even bush supporters are this dumb.
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haha, you're funny. You are also extremely narrow-minded and uneducated. And although you sound/ spell like an immature 10-12 year old you still try to blurt out badly thought out arguments that you most likely copied from your parents. You might as well not respond because it isn't like I am going to visit this blog again...Have fun.
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Dude Bush Is Totally f$%%in' AWESUM. He is totally all about kicking ass and kicking ass is AWESUM.

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