Angry 15 Year Olds For Bush
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  Okat dudez I want 2 talk 4 1 second about how Bush was a hero in the war. I bet he flew planes and dropped bombs and even lands in the jungle and kicks some ass of the people they fight because that's why he is in charge of the army and the air force and the marines and the navy and the tank bregade. You can't do that unless you r the best hero in the world that is why so many people were made about bill clinton. Bill clinton got librel s3x in the presidents chair and dishonored it like all librels do like jimmy carter. That is why no one likes librels anymore because they hate god by having librel s3x.

George Bush does not becuz he is a hero #1 in the world. All Bush does is fly to the army on the sea and tell them how good a job they are at following his orders to kick ass. All of the army was on an air craft boat in the ocran and he said "mission accomplished" because we killed osama bin laden and saddam hussein in iraqi. Now I hope we got to kick some ass of the people here who were making fun of bush when he was in iraq fighting with the army like Al Franklin who writes stupid books about how the news is lyars and how rush limbo is lyars. He is probly having librel s3x and disrespecting god while bush is out dodge the bullets and kicking ass. Now Bush is back after he caught osama and sadam and now you are next alan franklin so look out b4 Bush kicks your ass!!!!!1

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Dude Bush Is Totally f$%%in' AWESUM. He is totally all about kicking ass and kicking ass is AWESUM.

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