Angry 15 Year Olds For Bush
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  My soshal study teacher gave me an F 2day on a paper 4 his class. He says it is all wrong and bad informashon but he is reely just a stupid librel who is mad becuz I love america and he wants 2 teech all the kids that he is better than america is because he is so smart. We had 2 write a paper on our favorite hero from the revolushonary war and here is my paper says:

George Bush and the Revolushonary War
by Chris (i cant say my last name on the internet becuz of my dad has internet rules)

George Bush is a hero because he fought the revolushonary war to save america from osama bin laden and from iraqi librels and saddam husane. He flew on an airplane and told the army that the war was finished and since then the terrorism has stopped because we killed osama bin laden and saddam hussein. Now only korea and france and german are enemy terrorists and they have sent librels here to trick poor people and africans into hating america.

George Bush is a hero because the people love him all over the world and do whatever wes ay becayus swe have such big armey except in some countrues like france and german and england and europe. Even china is our friend and we send them lots of jobs now that they are not terrorist anymore. When the people of america said Bush can run the armey they made a good desizon because he is a good leader and a true hero for america. He has taken over iraqi and made it a state and also took over taliban and gave it away because it did not have oil for america. Now america has all oil it can want for free but we pay for it to give bush more money for his company because he should be rich for killing osama bin laden and sadam hussein. Sometime Al Franklin says stupid things or so does someone named harvey deen and sargent clark. They are librels and librels as I said before are german and natzi and want 2 force there opinion on everyone even tho there opinion are bad like having sex b4 married and letting the peeple blow up the world trade center and pentagon and also being gay. The big revolushonary war happened after saddam huissein and osama bin laden flew an airplane into the world trade center because of librels and then escaped to iraqi and taliban. Thank god George Bush is American and not iraqi becuz he saved are country from being blowin up by nucleer weapons osama bin laden hid in the sand near the united nations.

That is my report on the revolushonary war. To summerize it I would say that George Bush is a hero for winning the revolushonary war and he is better than clinton who was stupid and had sex all the time in the president.

The End.

I think bill oriley is right because he says that the schools try to make people into librels and that is what my teacher does I think. when you r at war with america you come into the school and tell them lies and they beleeve it and become the new army like in iraqi when osama bin laden told the schools that america was bad. But I will be a good american and I will not change my mind about what I know is rite about the war and about america and george bush no matter what he says. Then when I am 18 I can vote for him 2 b president and maybe he will come and kick my teachers ass because that is what george bush is awesome for.

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Dude Bush Is Totally f$%%in' AWESUM. He is totally all about kicking ass and kicking ass is AWESUM.

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