Angry 15 Year Olds For Bush
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  I want to talk now about how George Bush was the hero in the 911. When the 911 happened the whole world waz all about how America was so awesome because they knew that George Bush was in charge of america. Now the whole world luvs us cuz we fought and killed osama and saddam in iraqi and now are gonna get al franklin. Sometimes now the whole world hates france and germany because they are like the terrorists only they speak english instead of Taliban.

But all the countries like russia and canada and africa and europe and japan like us only france and korea and german do not that is why bush says they are the "access of evil." But it is important 2 know that the people of these countries are not bad only there leaders are. NOT! The people are bad too for protesting George Bush kicking ass when he does it because they hate america. but the rest of the world worships us and George Bush. That means that the whole world worships me because I am in america too like George Bush is. Sometimes on the street I see some librel passing out the john deen posters and I say how george bush will kick his ass because they are librels and only want everyone to have sex instead of safe america from the terrorists. I am happy becuz I know if George Bush was there he would say "You are awesome chris!" and give me a high five and fly on the plane he is in that has like a whole house inside even a big screen tv. That is awesome.

Sometimes on the tv the librels say "why do u think the countries hate america" before bill oriley tells them to shut up before bush kicks thier ass. he is good because he wants them to shut up to save america but I would kick there ass on the tv right in front of everyone until they loved america. That is what bush did with the terrorists and that is why we won the war against osama in iraqi. But the people ask why do u think america is hated by the librels over in the middle east and I tell them it is becuz we are number one and they are not so they want to beat us. Some kids are losers at sports and so they try to gang up and make fun of the kids who are good at it. that is exactle what the terrorists do. they are so jealous of how awesome george bush is and how his army can kick the most ass in the world and so they want to have a fight to prove they are tough and test thier army. That is why overseas librels hate america even though we give them tons of money and now iraqi is gonna have a lot of stores like saddam and osama would not let them and they can wave american flags like they could not before because of them.

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Dude Bush Is Totally f$%%in' AWESUM. He is totally all about kicking ass and kicking ass is AWESUM.

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