Angry 15 Year Olds For Bush
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  OH MY GOD today I saw sumthing my dad cut out of the paper for me to look at in the New York Times and it was about how Osama Bin Laden wants to kill more americans. So I am surprised because apparently he got away but I didnot hear any news about that (probly becaz of are stupid media been run by libruls.) But then there waz a thing that the new york timez rote witych is REALLY STUPID:

they talk about how the terorists are going to target the convenshun for the parties of the democrats and the republicans okay? But then they new york times goez ahead and WRITES IN THE PAPER WHEN AND WHERE THE CONVENSHUNS IS GOING TO BE. I don't want to type it out because I do not want to help the terrorists but seriosuly how stupid is the new york timesa? Clearly they want to get the politics killed in this country becuz they are stupid libruls.

THEY ARE SO STUPID!!!!!111 I can tell you that if I knew a terrorist wanted to kill george bush, I would not give him directions to the white house right in the NEWSPAPER! I bet they tell everyone including terrorists that next too, just where the white house is so you can go ahead and blow it up if you are Michael Moron or Howard Deen ir John Kerr-ass.

Summer vacation is really good I have been riding my bike a lot and got a paper route and that is all I have to say about employment, haha, if a 15 year old boy can make $15.00 a week delivering the newspaper then I guess all you homeless people just are not looking hard enough for jobs. I bet you could walk the root a few days if you cannot affort the bike yet becauz of teh past lazyness of yourself. But here is how I almost got fired because of more of the librul terrists.

I deliver the newspaper and everytime there is a picture of george bush on the front of it I write on the newspaper "George W Bush: Numbar 1 4 America!" So I went to pick up some moor nespaper and the boss waz there and he says "Chris you can't write things on the newspapor, peeople are complant" and I said "Sir I know my rights and I have freedom of speech in this country, it says so rite in the patriot act." He told me it was the Bill of Rites and I said it was the same thing and he sad no it wasn't, they were both good 4 America but that one stopped us from getting killed by librals and that 1 was for to make sure that we have rites as citizen. "But then dont american terrists have rites too?" I askt and he says yes they do and so I said that was stupit that the terriosts have teh rights but I don't and I am not even a terrist. He looked at me and said listen to stop writing on the newzpapor and to just deliver it so then I saw on my street the old lady who has the John Kerry bumpar sticker on her car and I said she was an old bitch to her face and stopt delivering the paper because she was a terrost. When she called my boss I told her I didn't do it and that she was pribabkly old and seenile why else would she vote 4 kerry? He beleeved me I think because after he fired me and my dad talkrt to him on the phone I got my job back. Now I deliver the papor to another street but sometimez I go to the Kerry ladis house and dig holes in her yard when she is not looking, it is really funny and finally I peeled off the kerry bumpar sticker hahashaha.

I bet if I wrote a letter to George W Bush he would be real proud of me for being a vigalante against terrosism like he always says!!!! 
Blast you for not telling me where this convenshun is going to be!

~Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.
And stop writing that on my paper!!! I'll have you arrested and killed!!!

~That old lady what with the hair and the wrinkles.
O shit. You mean the terrorists read the newspaper for directions to the places they blow up? OMG Let's shut down the newspapers!! Kill the editors!!!! They're helping the terrorists. They must all be liberals, you know, the white terrorists? You know all terrorists stick together.
Wow, you are an idiot. If you could spell, people may think you're smarter than our president. I'm sure he'd be real proud of you for being another one of the brainwashed, narrow-minded people that are stuck under his spell. I'm glad you're 15, so you can't vote. I'm 19, and I proudly voted for John Kerry. Enjoy
lol the person aboev me is gay!! lol
what are you doing you tought these sum how to fight now you have to fix it before to many more people get killed how do you sleep knowing that you yanks are just the same as the poms rape and pilage the land and if they dont conform kill or put them in resvese or prison just like the idiands and the black africans you might be wight but your not right hasnt hitory told you that
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Do you have down syndrome??? or some other mental disease? You are by far the most ignorant, unintelligent human being ever. I randomly found this blog and I started to read it... well lets just say I couldn't stop laughing the entire time. You are really 15???? and you write about the REVOLUTIONARY WAR having to do with George Bush??? You need to never express your opinion on any political matter for the rest of your ife, you make americans look bad. How are you so STUPID, oh wait, maybe its because both your parents work at mcdonalds. Im sure you have failed out of school by now and live in your trailer in backwoods georgia... im sorry, that was mean. but seriously kid, your 15 and THIS unintellgent. Its obvious your going nowhere in life. I feel dumber even commenting on this and giving you the time of day.

p.s. learn how to SPELL
Hello Chris. From what I've gathered by reading your blog entries, you are someone whose own opinions are based entirely upon what your parents believe. May I suggest that you try listening to someone else for a change say for instance your teacher? He at least has enough education to obtain an occupation higher than that of a McDonald's employee or say someone who accepts a salary of only $15 a week. Apparently people like your social studies teacher and your Aunt Susie have dramatically failed in their attempts to correct your belligerent, racist, ignorant, bible-thumping, white conformist assumptions, allow me to do my best. For starters, Osama Bin Laden is NOT dead and Iraq, not Iraqi not the Taliban, Iraq is NOT a member of the United States. George W. Bush was not born until the 1900's making it impossible for him to be alive during the late 1700's and therefore also impossible for him to have fought in the revolutionary war. Just because someone is white or liberal or gay or has had sex does not make them a terrorist. Europe and Africa are not countries. There is no God. Stop listening to your parents, pay attention to the news and in school; and try to develop the basic ability to determine the difference between fact and fiction. On the other hand you could keep doing what you're doing and sell it as some sort of comedy act, because this crap kept my friends and I laughing for hours!
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Did u ever go to school? I mean, learn how to spell dumnass. You ignorrant son of a bitch.
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Dude Bush Is Totally f$%%in' AWESUM. He is totally all about kicking ass and kicking ass is AWESUM.

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