Angry 15 Year Olds For Bush
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  Ronald Regan is dead this week. I was born after ronald regan was the president but I know that he did a lot of things for the country but something that is important to know is that he didnot do as much for american as george W bush has except maybe for giving his father a job.

Ronald Regan killed all of the communists with the cold war which was called that way because it was fought by star wars as well as in siberia which is real cold. The soldiers killed lots of people in communism russian but they all fled and because they were white they came to america and became librals. SO regan did not do as much to save america as George W Bush did, because if regan did better then there would nit have been Bill Clintons sex obsest communist rule for 8 years or even Jimmy Carter.

They are talking about putting Regan on the ten dolarr bill which is okay but why not George Bush when Groege Bush was the guy who made it safe to be an american?  
Your ignorance and idiocy overshadow your noble, but dim-witted purpose. In words you can understand,...WOW how can you be such a dumbass? 1) What is with you and Bill Clinton? "He had Sex in the White House!! He had Sex in the White House!!" So what. Where else is he supposed to have sex? He lived there for 8 years, how else was he supposed to get head? Dont worry, you wont hear about G Dub having sex, hes probably impotent. 2) BILL CLINTON HAD LIBRUL SEX. Learn how to spell. Im not even gonna put in the other HUNDREDS of mistakes you made. 3) You kep saying how LIBERALS are white terrorists(which we all are not, cuz im neither white NOR a terrorist) NOOOOOO, liberals just like having a president who knows how to spell his name, knows how to say nuCLEAR, not nu-cu-ler, and can answer a question straight without changing the subject. 4) Bush didnt get Osama stupidass. Bush is probably still paying off osama the way hes been paying him off for years. 5) GODDAMN! Did you really write this essay?? George Bush is a hero because he fought the revolushonary war to save america from osama bin laden and from iraqi librels and saddam husane. How old are you?? You must be about 5 or 6 because anyone older than that knows that the revolutionary war was in the 18th century(1700s if you didnt know). Also, poor people and africans?? What the hell are you trying to say? 6)Europe isnt a country, its a continent 7) You have no right to say people should not have premarital sex, because you arent following the other commandments. 8) George Bush has no right to be on the $10 bill. Ronald Reagan did soo much more. He actually had respect of the world. He did not use personal vendettas(do you know what that means little boy?) to justify the means of war. 9) Bush never went into combat. Yes he was in the air force or army or w/e he was in, but when it was time to go fight and do what was good for his country, his daddy got him out of it. Its probably better that way, he wouldve messed up and set off a bomb in his own camp, killing himself (YAY) and every1 else. 10) O WOW, "I wish Bush could be presdent 4-eva and his wife is hot and his twin daughters too." you must be smoking something. 11) If you really love George Bush, re-elect him so next year when he brings back the national draft for EVERYONE 18-26, you can go serve your country w/ everyone else. You would be the one to get kidnapped and be shown on television w/ your face blindfolded w/ a knife to your neck, crying for your mommy.
I realize that you are only 15, and so I can forgive the very sentiments you express as youthful ignorance. Unfortunately, from the sound of your essays, one must deduce that your parents play a role in propogating this disinformation. For that fact, I feel great sadness.

Here are a few things you may want to keep in mind, or perhaps do a bit of research on.

1> The CIA is largely responsible for the organization, establishment and arming of the taliban in Afghanistan. This dates back to when Russia was still a communist nation, and the United States feared their growth and expansion into oil-yeilding nations. In effect, we brought 9-11 upon ourselves.

2> If all liberals are terrorists as you assert, and it is the duty of the government to kill/capture/stifle those voices, you need to realize that you are supporting a single partisan government. This is also commonly known as "dictatorship" government. I suggest you reference this link: for more information on the subject.

3> The comments you posted suggesting that banning gay marriage might save you from becoming homosexual yourself is frightening indeed. Who was it that made you believe that such laws may cause this result? Gay marriage is simply a freedom, of which we have a diminishing number of as a result of many actions taken and laws passed in the Bush administration. The patriot act was passed in teh night, behind closed doors without a popular vote and ineffect makes everything in people's private lives, information which the government is now entitled to.

4> All of the aspects of your argument against said, "liberal terrists" (which incidentally is a term reserved for soylent greens, an activist faction of the green party, a GLOBAL political party) and the accolades which you bestow upon the Bush administration are all diametrically opposed to the values that this country was established upon. FREEDOM, LIBERTY, PEACE and JUSTICE.

5> We all need options. There is no ONE way to do things right. We also need open-mindedness to be a peaceful and understanding community. I understand that you may be audience to the radical views of your family, but I implore you to see a variety of sources for the development of your beliefs.

6> I do not have the time to refute all of your assertions in your blog, that would take weeks, buti do encourage, that if you are to be taken seriously, that you would write in a more serious, and accurate manner; sans distracting typographic errors and excessive punctuation usage.

patriotism: loyalty to your country always, loyalty to your government when it deserves it.
Thank you Chris....looking forward to your next observation!

As usual, you never disappoint!
15 year olds I suppose need someone to look up to, someone they can respect. Unfortunately, there is no one worth respecting in todays world. All the good people have died and all that is left is the rift raft. After the depression and WW2, businesses acted as if they were serving their customers but today, everything is about cash. Screw the people. Screw the voters. Just try to get a little more head.. er sorry bill, more ahead.
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God i hate Bush. We are at a war, which we have no Buisness being in. NO BODY CAN WIN A RELIGIOUS WAR. Our troops are dying for no reason.


how hard is it to just get along.
war solves nothing.

i cant waite till 2008, when bush is gone. but i hope that the next presedent doesnt do the same thing.
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anyone who supports bush is sucking satan's cock!
i totally agree with the 1st comment made.
wake up.
this world was made for freedom.
live your life,
have your own thoughts,
not some cock sucking, mind- numbingly stupid ape.
you just think these things because your parents have put them thoughts in your head.
it's called conditioning.
conditioning a person's thoughts when they are young and vunerable and don't know any better.
that's what mediocracy is about.
pulling young kids in and telling them to act a certain way.
getting the newest, best products out.
the american government and economy are laughing at you.
taking you for a ride.
the wrong one.
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Dude Bush Is Totally f$%%in' AWESUM. He is totally all about kicking ass and kicking ass is AWESUM.

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