Angry 15 Year Olds For Bush
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  Hi its been a long time my dad got fired from his job becuz of librals and then we had to cut off the internet too but now we're back since my mom and dad both work at mcdonalds opposite shifts plus my dad works overnights at a kinkos store. George Bush is awesome for creating a country where there's so many jobs that people can have two at the same time! I do not know how people complain about the jobs in america because the jobs are like so everywhere if you are not lazy and go look for them and you aren't a girl who doesn't get married and has libral sex and a baby.

Anyway therez some news about how bush kicks ass still. so for ewxample we now have howard deans and sargeant clarkson are out of work so that is good! But the new libral terrist is john kerry who wants to keep saying that bush is not really a soldier who went to iraqi and aphganistan to catch osama and saddam. But that is so stupid becaz after 9/11 bush went to afghanistan himself to go catch osama and he did and then went to ioraqi himself and caught saddam and that was so awesome.

anyway then bush was like "we don't like the gay libral terrorists" which is real good and I am glad because if iwas gettin married to some gay guy I would be real mad because i don't think its cool,. so george bush has protyected me from being gay and that kicks ass so much. Sometimes I think i would be gay for Bush hahahaha just kidding no way would I even kiss george bush I am totally not gay and that is because I am not a libral either. I can't be a gay a libral or terrist cuz I love america too much and when you love america the way Bush does that means you can't be gay libral terrist.  
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Dude Bush Is Totally f$%%in' AWESUM. He is totally all about kicking ass and kicking ass is AWESUM.

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